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Meat products Halal is a leader in the Spanish food sector with more than 20 years of experience. It is one of the leading companies within the bovine market, both nationally and internationally, distributing all throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and countries in the east.

has made a commitment to Satisfy the needs of our customers by being the most competitive company and supplier of the best quality in each one of our main areas of business.

Main activities

Production of all types of hamburgers for large customers, catering chains, distributors, hotel chains, collectives and hypermarkets..

Production of minced meats, both in bulk and IQF, meatballs and cubed meat.

Sale of quartered cow, yearling and veal, both fresh and frozen according to the specifications of each customer.

Sale of industrial meats containing different fat percentages, destined mostly for manufacturers of children's meals, ready meals and cold meats companies.

Specialists in all Halal bovine products, including hamburgers, minces and quartering. Holder of a variety of Halal certifications for the most demanding markets and maintains strict controls of the whole process from the slaughterhouse to final packaging.